Trotec, trailblazer of the circular economy

Total Recycling, Optimization, Transparency, Ecology and Creativity, Trotec for short, is a family business with a rich history. Founded in 1968 by Bruno Pauwelyn and Beatrix Christiaens, the company is now run by their daughters Sigrid and Dorethé Pauwelyn. We have grown at a rapid pace over the past 50 plus years, as a trailblazer in processing by-products from the food industry into high-quality basic ingredients for animal feed.

food producers supplying by-products
50 million
euros consolidated turnover
production sites (Veurne in Belgium and Albon in France)
feed producers as customers

A sustainable solution

Trotec processes by-products from the food industry that for whatever reason are not suitable for human consumption. In doing so, we offer food companies a sustainable solution for their production waste and unsold products. The inbound by-product flows may come in bulk (such as production waste) and packed goods (such as unsold products or products rejected for quality reasons).

"We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children"

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Our vision and mission


Trotec goes much further than simply processing food by-products:

  • We encourage every means and action to combat food waste
  • We subscribe to every sustainable consumption and production model.
  • Our ambition is to lead the technological field in every phase of processing
  • Our end product meets the highest quality standards
  • We actively work with companies, institutions and authorities that promote and pursue sustainability and the circular economy


To that end, we subscribe to the following:

  • Minimal energy consumption goals
  • Ecological responsibility charter
  • Importance of long-term relationships with all stakeholders
  • Corporate social responsibility charter

Positive sustainability report

Trotec is a trailblazer of the circular economy. For more than 55 years, sustainable and socially responsible business has been a reality for us.

  • We help reduce food waste by keeping products in the food chain.
  • We pursue minimal energy consumption during the production process.
  • We keep tight control of our CO2 emissions, not only in the production process but also through a well thought-out logistical organisation.
  • We help avoid imports of wheat, maize, soya, sugar and palm oil with the production of an alternative, high-quality, sustainable ingredient.
July 2021

Prizewinner Innov’Space 2021 (1 star) TrotecQ100

June 2021

Acquisition of Duynie Feed France's activities in the East of France sector.


Total production capacity for the two sites at 235,000 tonnes/year


Installation of a new drying unit with increased capacity


Life programme


Trotec’s 50th anniversary


In-house DC Logistics transport company founded


Opening of our production site Trotec France in Albon


New construction department, HoPo, opened for the development of custom-build filling systems and pressure systems


Completely new production process implemented to improve efficiency and food safety, increase capacity and reduce energy consumption


Certified quality system rolled out


Trotec founded