Trotec, where food becomes feed

Trotec processes former foodstuffs of vegetable origin into a high-quality circular feed ingredient. Our family business has been contributing to the circular economy since as early as 1968. Such core values as sustainability, high quality and food safety are part of our DNA.

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What makes our TrotecMix unique?

TrotecMix is a high quality circular feed ingredient composed of former foodstuffs of vegetable origin, such as bread, biscuits, chocolate, chips, dough and cereals. TrotecMix is a highly digestible high-energy product.

We harness the power of our very efficient unpacking technologies and a cutting-edge indirect drying process to produce TrotecMix, a product that meets the highest quality standards.
TrotecMix has a very stable nutritional composition and an ideal granular size insuring easy flow in silos.
The indirect thermal treatment ensures a highly digestible product with a long shelf life.

100% sustainable – circular ingredient
Proprietary process
High quality

Trotec in figures

Trotec is a trailblazer in processing secondary food flows into high-quality circular ingredient for animal feed. In doing so, we help reduce food waste and strengthen the circular economy.

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+55 years
Founded in 1968
production sites (Veurne in Belgium and Albon in France)
of turnover ploughed back into R&D

Trotec feeds innovation

To be able to continue to guarantee the high quality and safety of our products, Trotec invests heavily in innovation. We spend 20% of our revenue on research and development every year. We use the latest technology and continuously improve our production processes. This makes innovation an important pillar of our organisation.

This is what innovation means to us:

  • Digitisation of our production and quality processing
  • Continuous process of knowledge acquisition by our employees through training courses
  • Development of new management procedures using IoT applications

We join forces with centres of expertise and universities to identify the best applications for by-products. Our focus is on animal feed, but energy and chemicals are also in scope. One such innovation is MéthaBoost®, which stimulates the microbiology used in fermentation flows.

Would you like to find out more about our innovation culture and how we can make the difference for you? Contact us.

LIFE F3 project

LIFE is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. Under LIFE, Trotec has set up LIFE F3, an ambitious project in which we process otherwise difficult to process food products (such as syrups, products containing nuts, pits, peel and skin, and hard to digest products) and food with complex packaging into a high-quality basic ingredient for animal feed. LIFE F3 is a transnational project that is already active in Belgium and France, with further rollout in the EU planned in the future.

We also constantly look for ways to bring our sustainable ‘food becomes feed’ approach to new markets such as petfood and insect-based foods. 

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