Food industry

As a food industry business, you often generate former food products and by-products.
Trotec takes by-products from industrial companies (bakeries and producers of cereals, sweets and chocolates, say) and packaged food waste from retail companies and turns them into safe and healthy basic ingredients for animal feed.

Why partner with Trotec?

Processing by-products creates a lot of added value for food companies. Trotec’s innovative production technologies ensure that the secondary flows remain in the food chain.

So working with Trotec contributes to a strong circular economy. At the same time you help reduce the ecological footprint and ensure that appropriate verifiable sustainability, CO2 emissions and food recovery targets can be set.

This is information you would want to tell the world about in your press releases and annual reports.

Because everybody wins.

Installation automated filling system

Installation automated filling system

Trotec offers customer-focused automated filling systems to load the by-products into containers in an ergonomic way.

Registration with IoT

Registration with IoT

These filling systems run on innovative software that registers the weight and volume of by-products. This IoT application enables the transport department to make use of all available container space, optimising the logistics process. Our online reports also give you insight into how much waste you produce.



Bio boxes are used for smaller volumes.

These hard-wearing containers can be reused after a thorough clean in an automated wash. The use of bio boxes helps reduce the share of disposable or lost packing material.

Pick-up & transportation

Pick-up & transportation

The process begins with the pick-up of secondary flows at the food company with our own transport solution. Pick-ups are mainly done with containers specially designed for food products.

Unpacking and separating

Unpacking and separating

With a state-of-the-art unpacking system packages are efficiently separated from the basic raw materials.
We always look for the most sustainable solution for the separated packaging. Nothing goes to waste.

We process these by-products into basic ingredients for animal feed

Trotec processes both packed and unpacked food products (in bulk) from the food industry and the retail sector.
Thermal treatment is an absolute must from a microbiological perspective.
The focus is therefore primarily on food products with a dry matter content of at least 40%.

Bread & biscuits

From (industrial) bakeries


Surpluses from potato processing companies


Chocolate producers

Grain products

Cereals, mueslis


Recuperation of various sweets

Packed products

Surpluses from the retail sector