Animal feed industry

With TrotecMix we offer the animal feed industry a nutritious, top-quality and safe, circular ingredient for feed that is available all year round. All processing is done in-house and meets the highest quality standards.

More TrotecMix, less CO2

Using TrotecMix as a basic ingredient for animal feed brings yet another advantage within reach: it helps reduce carbon emissions in the animal feed industry. The reason is simple. TrotecMix is a blend of foodstuffs from the food industry. In a low-carbon process these existing products are transformed into a perfectly safe ingredient with high nutritional value and a pleasant taste. In terms of composition TrotecMix is richer that natural crops (such as wheat) and has a positive environmental impact, as it is produced without farming the land.

That makes TrotecMix a sustainable circular ingredient that can be used to produce animal feed with a smaller carbon footprint.

Food quality and food safety

TrotecMix is not simply a stable composition. As a basic ingredient for animal feed, it also has a high energy value and optimal taste. A top-quality product that is a perfect substitute for wheat, barley, maize, palm oil and sugar.

TrotecMix also earns strong ratings across the board for food safety. Our ingredients and finished products are FCA, GMP+ and GMO-compliant under GMP+ FRA MI 5.4 certification. Annual audits are conducted at our suppliers, the producers of former foodstuffs.

Mixing and drying

Mixing and drying

An innovative mixing process and energy-friendly indirect drying process is your assurance of a high-quality end product that meets all quality and safety standards.



The end product can be stored for 12 months in dry conditions.

Our markets

Due to its high energy value, inviting taste and optimal digestibility, TrotecMix is excellently suited to a variety of animal groups.


TrotecMix is the perfect basic feed for piglets, sows and porkers.


TrotecMix compensates for the energy deficiencies of the conventional diet, low in slow starches and rich in fibre.


Innovative product developments and research into specific compositions allow us to offer a fully-fledged alternative.


We join forces with external research institutes to develop new formulas for insect-based foods.


Our TrotecMix is a good basis for healthy, productive chickens.


TrotecMix as useful ingredient for fish feed.