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  • Trotec on the cover of Revue de l'Alimentation Animale , 16 February 2021

    "La Revue de l'alimentation", the quintessential French trade magazine places Trotec on its cover. Read about our mission to a world with less food waste.

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  • Trotec is investing more than ever in the future , 3 August 2020

    The Veurn family business Trotec is giving it another round with an important strategic investment of around 1 million euros. The new processing installation has been installed in recent days. The dynamic Pauwelyn family is thus getting ready to help achieve the European target: reduce food waste by 50% by 2030. Trotec, market leader in its sector, is a specialist in the recycling of discarded food into foodstuffs for livestock.

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  • Trotec: From food waste to animal feed , 15 January 2019

    OLIVIER CORROENNE (RTBF) - Consumers waste food ... but so do industries! Every year, 88 million tons of food ends up in the trash. 20% of this waste is caused by the manufacturers themselves. Part of this "waste" is used for animal feed. It is the specialty of the company "Trotec" in Veurne that values it and converts it into animal feed. An unique company in Belgium!

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