Working at Trotec

Trotec has a unique and high-tech production process that is capable of giving a second life to a very diverse range of food products. Trotec now processes the by-products of more than 400 industrial food companies, mainly in Belgium and France.

To make this possible, we are looking for enthusiastic colleagues. Below you will find an overview of our vacancies. Click on the position that interests you for more detailed information.

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Technical Manager for filling and tilting systems

Job description

HoPo designs and builds filling systems for the collection of by-products from the food industry.

These systems are custom made and placed at the customer's premises, you take care of the practical side of the development, the coordination with the manufacturer, the start-up at the customer's premises and the filling in of the first interventions in case of problems/ breakdowns, up to the organisation of the repairs.


  • Technical drawing
  • Good knowledge of Dutch/French
  • Willing to relocate within Belgium and France
  • Independent
  • Technically versed
  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • Problem solving
  • Loyal and looking for a long-term relationship

Professional competencies

  • Monitoring interventions and the operation of equipment, equipment and installations (inspections, tests, trials, institutions, etc.).
  • Providing technical support and advice to services and customers (coordination, elaboration, etc.)
  • Estimating the shutdown time of the installation, as well as the duration of the intervention and the costs and resources in terms of personnel, technology, ... Estimate
  • Select suppliers or service providers
  • Negotiating contract terms
  • Checking the services or products provided
  • Monitoring and updating technical, economic, ... information and regulations
  • Define technical solutions for improving equipment and installations (quality, suitability, cycles, safety, etc.).
  • Organising, planning and monitoring preventive or corrective maintenance work
  • Analyse maintenance data and faults (history, defects, ...), determine the causes and record corrective actions
  • Coordinating the activities of a team
  • Leading an organisation
  • Draw up maintenance reports (estimate costs, set deadlines...)
  • Determine and recommend changes and improvements (organisation, tools, material, tools...).
  • Managing a project
  • Checking the powers and certificates of staff
  • Developing or adjusting maintenance interventions and procedures
  • Maintaining contracts with subcontractors
  • Monitoring and coordinating suppliers (renewals, new contracts, expiry dates, etc.)

Personal competencies

  • Being able to adapt to changing circumstances (being flexible)
  • Plans (organised work)
  • Working together as a close-knit team
  • Being in contact
  • Working independently
  • Result-oriented
  • Creative thinking (Inventiveness)
  • Precise working
  • Respecting rules and agreements


  • You end up in a team of colleagues who take the time to train you
  • There is an open culture within the organisation in which taking the initiative is stimulated.
  • Trotec is located in a traffic jam-free environment
  • We offer a full time contract(38h week)
  • Compensation in line with the market

Studies required

  • Graduate: Area of study Industrial sciences and technology
  • equal through experience.

Work experience

  • At least 5 years of experience

Knowledge of languages

  • Dutch (very good)
  • French (very good)

Driver's license

  • B


Send your CV and cover letter to Trotec NV, Albert I Laan 21, B-8630 Veurne, Belgium or
contact us through e-mail. Alternatively, you can call us on +32 (0)58 31 21 99.
Even if you cannot find a suitable job vacancy listed, please feel free to send us an unsolicited application