Giving food waste a second life

Trotec geeft voedings-bijproducten een tweede leven.

Trotec transforms all plant-based food waste with at least 40% total solids content into high-grade basic ingredients for animal feed (for pigs, cattle and chickens). Total recycling is Trotec's goal, which means that even food packaging gets a second life.

We process two kinds of food waste – manufacturing by-products and unsaleable/unsold products:

  • broken biscuits
  • misshapen pralines
  • dough off-cuts
  • incorrectly packaged products
  • rejects at batch start-up/shutdown
  • rejects caused by production-line stoppages/failures

Total Processing

Why make it any more complicated than necessary? After all, Trotec stands for Total Recycling, Optimization, Transparency, Ecology en Creativity.Trotec takes care of every aspect of the recycling process – both technical and administrative.

Market Leader

Trotec was founded in 1968 based on a simple premise. How can we help food companies solve their waste/by-product problems? Our basic philosophy was that by-products weren't waste, but a valuable commodity. At the time, this made Trotec a true pioneer. We developed 100% proprietary technologies for processing by-products safely and efficiently. We have now grown to become the market leader in our sector.